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We live in a world where others get to tell us who we are. Well, not anymore!
You have the right to be who you are and I'm here to support you in making it work for you. Do you dare to see who you truly are? Do you have what it takes to see it?
Let's dive in to this amazing discovery journey together! I'm not here to tell you who you are or who you are supposed to be. Instead, let me be your companion, your gentle guide, your fashion sherpa through the fashion landscapes of countless possibilities in this modern world we live in.

"Your first impression is your last impression!"
Are you using this power well?

my Formula for your success

I work with the 3 highly important aspects: Comfort, Confidence and Convenience.

Comfort – you need to feel comfortable everywhere and anywhere. Comfort is important for your top performance in business and life. Everyone has their own definition and perception of comfort – let us discover yours.

Confidence – you need to feel confident to give people assurance. May it be your employees, coworkers, your clients or your life partner.  Assurance is one of the keys to successful relationships in business and in love not many people know about.

Convenience – your day has 24 hours only. You know very well how every minute counts. You have to be at your best all the time. The world is demanding and you want to keep up with it. I help you free yourself from time wasters and minimize decision fatigue even further.  This is something rarely anyone thinks about but it can save you 30 to even 60 minutes a day. That’s 7 hours/week of additional free time!

Now is the right time for you to upgrade your style. Make your hard work and talents show themselves through your appearance before you even speak.

Specialized Services

Reignite that spark with your significant other.
Send out the right message through your appearance in your work environment.

Look Like a Million Bucks even if you are tired as hell

Tips and Tricks how to look fresh and stunning whenever, wherever.

Reignite your Partner's Passion for you

Did you manage to maintain a long relationship but are frustrated that your partner might be looking at other women? It can be fixed.

make Fashion and makeup your Friends

Let me show you that fashion and beauty are not reserved for celebrities and famous people only. They can be your strongest allies.

look perfect on Every photo and zoom

In these virtual times now more than ever you need to look amazing on your profile picture and in a Zoom meeting. Find out how.

I help you upgrade your own style

I'm not here to reinvent your style for you.
You know yourself better than anyone.
If you want long term results, let me help you harmonize and upgrade your style.







The Architect case study

She came to me wondering how she could infuse more femininity into her style and attitude.

She now enjoys playing with her appearance. She uses it to influence her clients. She speaks to them through her clothes. She consciously influences people by the way she dresses. She set herself the next mission to look more feminine and start wearing skirts. She is a handy-man type of a woman. She jokes that her purse contains all the girly stuff, plus a screwdriver and a measuring tape. She interacts a lot with contractors. With being more feminine, she now has the power, the worker’s attention and more influence for them to really listen to her and what she has to say. Now she dominates in a man’s world with her female power and knows how to use it.

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Review Me

Ana is very dedicated in working with her clients. She gives short but clear instructions on how they can find their new look on their own as well as improve their general wellbeing. Before the makeover, Monika didn’t pay much attention to her appearance, but now I don’t leave my house without my lipstick. I’m noticing that people whom I meet on a day to day basis are starting conversations with me and if nothing else, they at least look at me.

Monika, mom of two